CaFFEET, the Californian French Forum on Energy Efficiency Technologies, is an annual 2-days event that started in 2011. PRIME, EDF and the French consulate in San Francisco host this event to foster technical and scientific collaborations on Energy Efficiency.

  Each year, this event brings together over 150 experts from Universities, R&D centers, utilities, corporations and startups.  CaFFEET’14 will address the topic of Smart Factory to demonstrate how smart solutions (sensors, software, data analytics…) add value to manufacturing productivity and industrial energy management. 

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  For the last 20 years, manufacturing companies have been able to remain competitive by relying on quality procedures and by streamlining their internal organizations through concepts like Lean Startup or Six Sigma. To be competitive on current harsh global markets, enterprises must develop new approaches of manufacturing, such as the integration of data with process expertise to enable proactive and intelligent manufacturing decisions in dynamic environments.

  This new manufacturing approach is the basis for the development of “smart factories”. This is supported by a wide range of technologies that are going through major disruptions, including 3D printing, sensor networks, connected devices, robotics, modeling and simulation tools, augmented reality, data analytics and knowledge management.


  This year’s event will be held at the General’s Residence in Fort Mason on November 19th and 20th. The forum will feature 4 keynotes, 6 panel discussions and 2 start-up pitch sessions.

Wednesday, November 19th Morning What is the added value at the scale of the production line?

  • 1st panel Smart solutions on sensors, models and industrial cases to support predictive maintenance and predictive failure
  • 2nd panel Smart solutions to identify leverage of energy efficiency.

With interventions from ACEEE, CEA, EDF, IMS, Seclab & UCLA

Wednesday, November 19th Afternoon What is the added value at scale of the factory/site/base?

  • 1st panel Advanced solutions in industrial site design tools to support the productivity and sustainability of factories
  • 2nd panel Smart solutions providing opportunities for power load, local energy production and micro grid management

With interventions from ESI Group, LBNL, Local Motors, Sculpteo, UI Labs

 On Wednesday night, don’t miss the reception at the French Consul’s residence in San Francisco! (/! Space is limited)


Tuesday, November 20th Morning What is the added value in the relationship with clients and suppliers?

  • 1st panel Present solutions and success stories on the value of data exchange for companies in their relation with suppliers and clients
  • 2nd panel The impact of smart manufacturing and associated solutions on the utilities’ business

With interventions from EPRI, Fives Groupe, Inria, Robotics Invention & Walmart

Tuesday, November 20th Noon Dedicated networking session

  • 15 startups developing solutions for the Smart Factory
  • 20 representatives from French and U.S. corporations to discuss business opportunities


  The ultimate objective of CaFFEET’14 is to provide state-of-the-art research development, industrial case studies and new innovations that allow for more product quality, flexibility, reactivity of manufacturing plants.

The conference will answer questions such as:

  • How does smart manufacturing improve process operations?
  • How does smart manufacturing impact industrial energy management?
  • What do rapid design and 3D printing bring to industrial productivity?

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