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CaFFEET is a 2 day annual event that we are co organizing with EDF and the French consulate entitled ‘How can Big Data boost Society’s Resilience?’ on November 21st and 22nd at Stanford University. Its aim is to promote technical and scientific collaborations on energy efficiency between France and California, two leaders in achieving low-CO2 economies.

The forum will feature several keynote addresses, 5 panel sessions, technology showcase of start-ups, and more. Check out the program and the current line-up ofspeakers.

Don’t miss the reception at the French Consul’s residence in San Francisco on Thursday evening!

You can register now! or contact Marie


CaFFEET’13 will gather stakeholders who look for solutions to increase society’s resilience with those that offer Big Data based-products.

In addition to several Keynote Addresses, the forum will hold five Panel Sessions:

Session 1 – Big Data and Resilience for Governments

This session will gather government leaders looking for solutions to boost resilience of their territory. The panelists will describe their resilience needs and how they can promote the development of big data solutions for resilience, in particular thanks to Open Data initiatives.

Session 2 – Big Data and Resilience for Infrastructure Operators

This session will gather operators of infrastructures such as electricity, gas, water, and transportation infrastructures. The panelists will describe their resilience needs, and their experience and plans with using big data solutions to increase the resilience of their infrastructures.

Session 3 – Big Data and Climate Change Resilience

This session will gather experts and solution providers using Big Data to mitigate and adapt to climate change.

Session 4 – Big Data and Natural Disaster Resilience

This session will gather providers of Big Data solutions to increase the resilience of society against natural disasters (hurricane, flooding, heat wave, etc.). These solutions can focus on disaster preparedness, management, and/or recovery.

Session 5 – Learning from Other Sectors

Big Data is a relatively new topic in the field of disaster and climate change resilience. However other sectors such as finance, insurance, or retail have been using Big Data for decades. This session will gather panelists from those sectors who will describe their techniques to extract value from massive amounts of data. The discussion will provide insights as to how these techniques can be used by governments and infrastructure operators for resilience.

A Technology Showcase will allow start-ups to present innovative Big Data-based products.

On the evening of the first forum day, a Reception will be hosted at the residence of the Consul General of France in San Francisco.