The third edition of the California France Forum on Energy Efficiency Technologies (CaFFEET), organized by EDF, the Consulate General of France in San Francisco, and PRIME, with the support of INRIA took place on November 21st and 22nd at Stanford University around the theme, “How Can Big Data Boost Society’s Resilience?”. The conference succeeded once again in helping create links between French and American entrepreneurs and decision makers.

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The conference analyzed several different aspects of Big Data and Resilience, from their impact on Infrastructure Operators or Governments, to natural disasters, or even climate change.

Big Data is an important topic that has the potential to help us shaping the future of society:

  • For representatives of the world’s biggest infrastructure operators, Big Data is constantly changing their sector and helping them to increase the resilience of their infrastructures.
  • For government officials who spoke at CaFFEET – both French and American – Big Data can improve the quality of life of citizens and make cities more resilient.
  •  By collecting data on previous natural disasters, and working with social media companies such as Twitter, we can gain a better understanding of our society’s organization, and what needs to be done in the aftermath of a natural disaster.

Big Data will truly be a revolution for our societies, and with these new tools, we hope to be able to orient our society towards a more sustainable future.

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Marie Frochen