On February 12th took place the round of selection of the Edtech Program in Boston organized by French Tech Hub, Bpifrance and Cap Digital. Here’s a full list of the 10 companies that will attend the program in Boston:

  • Epopia /CreaLettres: Tailor-made stories, by mail, that make children love reading and writing.
  • Gutenberg: Gutenberg Technology provides a game-changing SaaS platform to transform paper knowledge into digital knowledge especially for publishers and school teachers.
  • Klaxoon: Klaxoon radically transforms teamwork efficiency. Klaxoon, is the one-stop-shop learning platform that addresses all the digital learning possibilities.
  • Lalilo: Your virtual teacher assistant for personalized literacy instructions.
  • Lelivrescolaire: Lelivrescolaire.fr creates collaborative and innovative textbooks, paper and digital, with a freemium model on the web.
  • Mandarine Academy: Mandarine Academy supports companies with their digital transformation by simplifying the handling and use of new technologies for all staff.
  • Oclock: O’clock’s project is a unique, short-term professional training solution which allows people to acquire the digital skills needed so they can enter the digital job market.
  • Qwant: Qwant Junior is the safe and educational search engine for kids.
  • Uptale: Creation and Delivery platform of Virtual Reality Learning experiences for Trainers, Teachers and Learners, on the web (SaaS) for impactful Learning & Communication.
  • Woonoz: Woonoz is the inventor of Memory Anchoring®: a technology that guarantees long term retention of learning and the creation of behavioral reflexes.

The selected companies will participate in different workshops featuring experts and entrepreneurs in the Edtech industry plus gain access to a network of mentors, founders and investors.

The companies will pitch in a range of different events organized over the course of the week by French Tech Hub and in partnership with Meetup Edtech Boston, Learn Launch and Pearson.