A Deep Dive into the AV Ecosystem by Marc Amblard

This article was originally published on on March 2019. About the author, Marc Amblard: Seasoned global executive and successful strategic business developer with 25+ years of experience in the mobility space (automotive and rail). Passionate...

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Democratizing AR/VR Technologies

Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality technologies are set to have a significant impact across all industries. This transformative effect is accelerating, and the global AR/VR/XR market is expected to reach approximately $133.78 billion in 2021.On February 26, the...

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Paris Region, the Startup Home

It was snowing in Paris when we sat down with Alice Zagury, Founder of The Family, a Paris-based startup community. In true French form, they have their own chef and entrepreneurs often eat together around a communal table. When asked about the ethos of The Family and...

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