ENGIE Axima is looking for innovative solutions that will help hospitals renovate their building stock and shift to becoming smart: using digital technology to rethink patient care, be more efficient in energy and fluids, and become more accessible and open.

The health care system is currently faced with several major challenges, including the need to reduce its environmental impact, to control its energy use and to increase its attractiveness among professionals and patients. These challenges can be partially met through digital technologies.

The “smart” or digital hospital adapts itself to become the focal point and coordinator of patient care.

With this call for projects, ENGIE Axima is looking for technological and/or “service-related” innovations in the following areas:

Smart parking and mobility management in the hospital environment

  • The limited number of hospital beds is forcing us to rethink access for both patients and visitors: how to access the site, how to develop and increase the use of public transport, smart parking
  • Welcoming patients and visitors: signage, information

Energy efficiency for existing buildings

  • Hospitals must reduce their expenses and need to consider renovating their existing buildings using hypervisory platforms, monitoring and optimizing their consumption of various fluids (water, electricity, gas, oxygen…)

Digital services for patients including:

  • The ongoing paradigm shift with regards to how we use our smartphones, tablets and other devices,
  • The need to rethink wifi and to distinguish leisure and entertainment uses for patients and visitors (watching films, sending email, contact with family) from professional ones (consulting files, geolocating equipment, staff communication)


Rewards and benefits for selected projects:

Finalists will pitch for ENGIE executives, representatives of tech and innovation clusters and ENGIE Axima’s industrial partners.

Winners will get a program of support and assistance based on the maturity of their proposal (s):

  • Winners could develop a POC for their solution as part of a major industrial project, transforming it into a joint commercial offering with ENGIE Axima in the Amiens metropolitan area. This could involve the support of the Amiens tech cluster and being integrated into the local digital ecosystem.
  • Successful integration of the winning solution into new offerings by ENGIE Axima
  • Possibility of a partnership with ENGIE on its new developments in the fields of healthcare and smart buildings
  • Guaranteed visibility at special events, through the press and industry partners
  • 3-month pre-incubation program with Tech Amiénoise

The committee will select a maximum of 3 proposals that meet the eligibility criteria below.

ENGIE Axima will award €5,000 to the winner(s). The selection committee reserves the right to give 2nd and 3rd prizes and to distribute this sum among the winners.