On April 14, 2015, the Open Innovation Club celebrating one year of existence held an Innovation Meet Up around Smart Home and Connected Buildings. The event brought together 15 start-ups and 21 corporations to foster business relationships, networking and interaction between these two groups. Amongst the corporations a wide range of business and industry sectors were represented (see list below). Open Innovation Club members present were Total, Renault, EDF, L’Atelier BNP Paribas, Winnovation, PSA, the French Consulate, PRIME Paris Region, French Tech Hub.

The purpose of the event was to bring visibility to the latest innovations and technology solutions for commercial buildings and residential homes. The whole gamut of smart home and building solutions were given the opportunity to pitch their solutions to the audience; from smart lighting to predictive energy management, smart fridge magnets, thinking remotes, motion detection, security applications, and software platforms.

The participating start-ups were:

ArrayentDquidEmberlighteLum –  InvoxiaLucis technologiesMyfoxNeeoQuanergyScanalytics incSentri – Serious Fun – Sigfox  – SkycentricsWattime

“You presented real companies, with products, hardware, successful Kickstarter campaigns, big reference accounts and real traction and traffic. Every start up was very interesting. I can’t thank you enough for saving us 6 months of business development”. One participant

Between two sessions of start-up pitches, corporations were also given the floor to explain their initiatives and interest in the topic, what they are looking for, and their strategy for engaging with start-ups. For companies like Total, EDF, SAP, Cisco and Renault, the interest in smart home innovation is centered around services and customers. How can value be extracted from the data and help companies make better decisions, what types of services can be built around the technology, what is the end-to-end user experience, and how can the “smart” factor enable greater customer engagement and satisfaction?

Overall, the innovations around home management and connected buildings are responding to a real customer need and proliferating. Even though some start-ups offer similar solutions, the field is big enough for everyone to play.

Corporate and other participants:

Accenture – Aster capital – AT&T Foundry – Atelier/BNP Paribas – British Telecom – Cisco – City of San Francisco – EDF – Flextronics Lab IX – fnac – Fujitsu lab – Gartner – La Poste – Pcubed – PSA Peugeot Citroen – Renault – SAP – Software AG – Samsung innovation lab – Sony – Total – Ubergizmo – Verizon – Winnovation